Schults Honey

Schultz Honey & Wax is the only full time
Bee Remover in the Denver Metro Area.

Schultz began beekeeping in 1977 as a hobby with one beehive on the back porch. Our philosophy was to buy a beehive and have free honey the rest of our life. We bagan to sell other beekeepers honey to our friends and associates. We discovered how beneficial raw unfiltered honey was for people who suffered from allergies to pollen. We also sold 5 gallon buckets of honey to health food stores. Then we began to make hand dipped beeswax candles and sold them at craft shows. In 1984 we strted giving bee lectures in schools.

Schultz also began to pick up swarms to increase our honey production. That lead into the removal of bees from buildings and homes. The first job took one month to complete. Now, the same job takes about one to two days to complete. We developed a lot of specialized techniques and equipment to remove bees. We also began to remove hornet nests when they were visible and on the outside of the structure. We are not exterminators, we are bee removers. We generally recommend a reputable exterminator if the hornets are hidden.

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